Florida Ankle Pain Relief

Many people think that pain is a typical and normal part of life. Because of this, there are those who think that living pain-free is something that is just not possible. However, persistent pain is really not necessary. Ergonomics has done wonders in minimizing discomfort and fatigue in everyday life. Here are five easy ways that ergonomics can decrease the unnecessary stress that is placed on the body and lessen those aches and pains.


Work Out

After a long day at work, it may seem that you have had enough exercise already, but it does not mean that the body has benefited from the constant activity. Although the muscles and bones have been under intense stress for hours, it may not have been the most effective movement for toning the body. It may be tempting to simply lie in the hot tub but a 30-minute workout could be more valuable in the long run. Once your body gets into a routine of exercise, you’ll say goodbye to aches in no time.

Dress the Part

Sky high heels and ankle boots might be the popular choice in footwear today but standing for long hours in such footwear can be very damaging to the body. If your working environment involves lots of movement and activity, it’s best to ditch the stilettos. Opt for cross trainers or running shoes. For dressier flats, avoid narrow shoes with pointy toes. Invest in insoles that provide good arch support. An anti-fatigue mat may also be an additional support.

Everyday Use

Use of everyday appliances may be a contributing factor for those dealing with constant pain. Dryers, irons, and shears can force elbows and wrists into awkward twists and positions. These movements can increase pressure in the tendons and nerves. Manufacturers have started creating tools with angled handles and swivel cords to alleviate these common aches and pains.

Keep the Change

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Repetitive movements and standing or sitting in the same position for long periods of time will put serious stress on the body. Awkward positions can cause stiff muscles and joints and can even lead to muscular-skeletal disorders. Avoid this by changing around your routine several times a day, especially if your job includes a lot of repetitive tasks.

Prevent Slouching

Many people catch themselves slouching numerous times a day. This posture can be very hard to shake once it is a normal position for the body. You can train yourself to observe your body in a different way by constantly being aware of your movements and posture. It might take some time and practice, but the benefits of living pain free will pay off greatly.

If none of the above methods work sufficiently to alleviate the pain, consult a Florida Ankle Pain Relief.

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